Is there a script for creating next action task just after completing an action?


Im working with omnifocus for a while but there still something that bothers me. I would like to have a script that can create an automatic response to completing a task by creating a pop up task with the name of the project already field. Anyone knows a script like that ?

thank u !

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Last I knew, there aren’t any methods to hook into events happening in OmniFocus. In other words, there’s no way to say “do this when I do that.”

You could, however, write a script to use instead of the built checkmark. If you clicked a button in the toolbar, it could check off the task and ask you for the next one. But that would only work on Mac. I vaguely remember @Kourosh doing something like this for tasks.

Hmm - the only thing I can think of might be having a set of sequential tasks. You mark one complete and the next one appears as available. But that does not give the prompt to create a next task upon completing the one you’re doing.

Perhaps @curt’s Complete and Await Reply script could be a starting point. I use this one all the time. Maybe you could modify it to several variations that have contingent examples you need, and it seems there could be a way to chain together AppleScript that would ask you for text input on the names of the tasks.


I think I had in mind your process of converting communication tasks. Instead of - mark complete, create new, fill in details - you had something that either changed the task name and context or it automatically marked complete and created a new communication task. I think it converted “send email” tasks to “waiting for email response” tasks.

Ah - ok. Yes - here’s the post/video:

The post is quite dated at this point, showing off OmniFocus 1, but the idea still holds.

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Bingo! Thanks, Kourosh.