Is there a use case for deferring a task until after it is due?

I’m curious why when I enter a defer date that is later than the due date of a non-repeating task OmniFocus doesn’t nudge me to say I’ve made a mistake, say by colouring the date red as a warning.

Am I missing something? Is there a use case for deferring a task until after it is due?

BTW: As I was fiddling around with this I noticed that -5d creates a defer date five days before the due date. That’s handy.

I dont know.please tell me.Thank you.

Maybe “filing 1040 taxes” is due on April 15th and I filed an extension so that I can finish it by deferring the nexttask to May 15th? Then I’ll see this task once again in any perspective that shows available tasks but it will show as red for for overdue?

I can think of a scenario where I filed an extension but I’m out of country until May 15th. During my trip between April 15th and May 14th, I don’t want to see this project or next action?

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Thanks! That’s spot on.
I generally make my own deadlines, so if I miss one I’ll just move the due date to later. But I can see a case where I’m late, and want to stay late, even though there’s nothing I can do about it until the defer date. The defer after due combo works for that.
Always learning.

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