Is there a way to change which column the contents preview is based on?

Hi all,

I have started a document and needed to add 3 additional columns. The Contents preview (in the sidebar) is populated by the level 1 headings from the third column. I was wondering if it is possible to change this so the contents preview looks to column two instead?

Many thanks


The sidebar will always show the outline column (the one that shows the hierarchy). The only way to change which column is the outline column is by manually modifying the XML source of the file. Please email support if you would like help doing this.

Thanks DerekM! I’ll email support shortly.



It is an important feature, in my opinion, to change which column is used for outlining. This and calculated columns with cross-column references would make this an OmniSheet

Yep - I’d love to be able to do this too.

My issue is that I started an OO document, and assumed it would be a ‘vertical’ doc, but quickly changed it to being multi-column. Unfortunately, the first column now has just a single number in it - so I’d like to delete that column and instead just set row numbering for first level rows. But there’s no way to make delete this first column because it’s the outline column.