Is there a way to show the advanced view options on default perspectives?

Imagine this…

You’re working in the default “Projects” perspective. You select your project in the sidebar and get to work.

“Hmm, I’d like to see the remaining action items on this project, but not have all my remaining projects show up in the sidebar. Just the keep showing me the active ones.”

You hit the sweet view button to make the change.

You can’t.

It’s all or nothing. Each radio button changes projects and actions—together.

Is there some cool terminal hack or something where we can get the advanced view options—available on custom perspectives—on the default perspectives?

It’d be a christmas miracle. Thanks for reading! 🐳

Simplified view option

only available on default perspectives

Advanced view option

only available on custom perspectives

A workaround, and 3 reasons it’s no fun

The workaround? Create new custom perspectives for the default perspectives. I built two. One for “Projects” and another for “Flagged”.

I then used the perspectives window to hide the default perspectives.

Seems good as new, right? Wrong.

1. You lose sidebar coloring

When you kill the default perspectives, all your custom perspectives show up in the dull green. 😪

Picky? Yes. But remember when iTunes thought it’d be cute to get rid of all the sidebar colors? That was mistake, IMHO. It made iTunes harder to use.

Colors help us identify things and allow us to move faster. Colors bolster Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think” principle. Function before form.

PS: I’ve put in a request with omnigroup to be able to use have user-selected colors in sidebar. Hoping that comes to fruition. Hi @kcase 😉

2. You lose the usability of the “go to” buttons

Click on forecast. Then on an action.

See the two, nifty, right-pointing arrows in circles in the inspector [under view]?

Those buttons only take you to the default perspectives—even if you’ve hidden them [like I did above]. That makes for a lot of disorientation if you’re me. I probably just need to get over myself. I’m pathetic. Someone hold me.

the nifty go-to arrows

3. You’re forced to deal with broken badges

Badges in custom perspectives don’t propagate down when you drill down through folders. (I’ve filled the omnigroup in on this and checked on it a couple times.)

Well. Sometimes they do. But if you have mixed badges “due soon” and “overdue,” you might see them on a folder, but when you open that folder, the badges don’t track down with the corresponding projects.

This makes it pretty tough to track down overdue items.

Yes. You can use the “Due Soon” perspective. But what fun is that? I want to do it right from the sidebar. I live in my sidebar!

collapsed folder with overdue and due soon badges

expanded folder with vansihed badges

#The end.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of “Christian is way too anal.”

PS: With the bad, I gotta say some good. I use OF more than any other program on my mac. It’s my lighthouse in my ADD storms. OF constantly helps me get back on track. And it’s been improving since 2007. Love the company. Love the product. So even with these “annoyances” it still is head and shoulders about the rest.

Had to say that. Because nobody likes a complainer. Now, please, someone answer my every question and fix all my problems.

Goodbye from Arizona. 🌵