Is there a way to sort rows by date?

(OmniOutliner 4.6.1 for Mac)

I have one column in my outline which shows the creation date of that row. I put the dates in using Edit -> Insert Time Stamp -> [one of the formats], or using the equivalent keystrokes.

I tried Organize -> Sort Outline -> [that column], A-Z … and discovered that dates are just text, and hence sort alphabetically, which of course is useless!

Is there a way to put in dates as actual dates (i.e. correctly sortable, and not just text)? Failing that, is there a way to change the date format to YYYYMMDD HHMM (24-hour format) so that when sorted alphabetically they will also be sorted chronologically?

Have you right clicked on that column and changed its type to “date”? Rather than text.
See if that’s the issue.

Ah! I was hoping something like that was possible. I searched on “date” in the Help, and didn’t find this mentioned. Thanks.

Unfortunately, that erases all the associated times – on hundreds of rows. Fortunately, for my particular use the time is not important. And I see that any new date I put in that column will include the time, if I choose that format. But if there’s a way to change the format of existing entries to “date” and keep the time, I’m not finding it.

In any case, thanks!