Is there a way to stop Project Defer dates be automatically added to tasks

I want to schedule work on a project and thus give it a defer date. However, OF puts the defer date on all of the tasks & thus the forecast view is with all the individual tasks & the project. Is there a way to stop this auto-fill?

I don’t think this is possible. If you put a defer date on the project level, all tasks under the project will inherit this. And that’s entirely logical.

Could you give us some more context?

Since I don’t really see how what your asking is desirable. If you defer a project, any task under that project is automatically understood to be deferred as well. How else would you approach this?

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I want to schedule working on a project rather than scheduling individual tasks. Hope that makes it clearer.

Could you provide an actual example with dummy tasks?

You can make the first task in the project: “Start work on Project X”, possibly with making the project sequential. For example:

[Project] Project X (sequential, no dates assigned)
—[Task 1] Start work on Project X (deferred: July 01, flagged)
—[Task 2] Your actual task 1
—[Task 3] Your actual task 2
— etc etc

Or you could make a stand alone task, in a separate dedicated “Planning” project, to “Start work on Project X”, with a link in the notes to the unscheduled project. For example:

[Project] High Level Planning (parallel, no dates assigned)
—[Task 1] Start work on Project X (deferred: July 1, includes link to Project X)
—[Task 2] Start work on Project Y (deferred: August 1, includes link to Project Y)
—[Task 3] Start work on Project Z (deferred: September 1, includes link to Project Z)

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Thanks. Think this work around is what I am going to do. I also Copy the link from the Project and add it to the notes of the Task 1.