Is there any way to keep Omnifocus archives in the cloud?

I really wished I could select a folder in my iCloud Drive as archive location. I don’t have any “backup strategy” because everything I value is in cloud storage (iCloud or otherwise).

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This would be perfect!!

If you have multiple compuster just wait until you accidentally click “archive” on the wrong computer. Now you have two archives, and no way to search across them.

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maybe this is a simple fix.

just let users choose the backup folder destination, rather than burying it in a local file system. and allow them to pick a cloud folder if they wish.

This could be an opportunity to also fix the problem @fuzzy76 mentions below – when a user screws up and hits Archive on the wrong computer, their data is permanently fragmented. Perhaps this could allow multiple devices to concatenate to the same archive in the shared folder. Even this would be a big step forward.

Macro comment: I’d encourage OF developers to envision a 100% device-agnostic world and ensure their apps work that way. Anything that embeds context in a single device is in my opinion outdated, fragile, dangerous. Your users have already evolved to a device-agnostic world, we’d love for you to come join us! :)

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