Is there any way to see the note for an action in list view?

When I’m looking at my action list I think it would be great if I could see if there also is a note attached to it.
Maybe the first sentence in light grey?

As it is now we have to press the action itself to see if there’s a note. Quite annoying, if you ask me.

Any ideas?

Annoying, indeed. Also risky, as it is so easy to delete a note, thinking it was completed, while a note might reveal quite a different picture. And surprising, as there is a good solution in Omnifocus for Mac.

Omnigroup know about this wish, but please send a mail to their support, so that they could add your vote for it. While hoping for a solution, you could manually add some sign at the end of your action names to indicate when there is a note attached.

I was talking about the same:

I agree. A note icon would be good, but to also be able to display the beginning of the notes (or the complete notes, like in Omnifocus 2 for Mac) would be even better.