Is there currently a way to change the note font in OF3?

As in OF2, the font for notes attached to projects/actions is small and grey and hard to read. Did OF3 introduce a way to change that font permanently? I know I can change it for any given note, believe me, I already do that, and it’s a pain. I also know I can adjust the text size in all of OF3 in preferences, so no need to point that out.

At one point I read about some serious config-file interventions one could do in OF2 to accomplish this, but it seemed like a lot of work. Any approach like that for OF3 that’s maybe easier?

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Sorry, I don’t know of any way to fix this.

It’s not too light for me, but it is too small to be comfortable. It’s always been too tiny, so I tend to avoid using it.

I have a much harder problem with the Fluid layout — the grey there is so light that I can’t easily read it, so it’s impossible to use.

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Have you looked at your monitor’s brightness and contrast settings? Almost all computer users have these set high enough that differences in hue and lightness for all light colors become hard or impossible to discern.

Can anyone from OmniGroup reply and create some hope here? I’ve been waiting to be able to configure the note appearance since the original beta test! :(

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Because the color in OF2 can be adjusted, I do not use OF3.

As we all know, this forum probably isn’t the place to rally support for new features and such and, if it were, the volume of replies you’ve seen, thinly spread over time, suggests that the issue you flag would not be on anyone’s priority list.

That said, I wanted to publicly support the view your support frames. Clearly, whoever is responsible for UI design for the Omnifocus product hasn’t set out to inflict poor UI element choices on the company’s customers, the faint charms of the notes font included. Sadly though, seen through my lens, that’'s just what has happened.

I’ll take your ‘faint notes font’ and I’ll raise you the dates headings in the forecast view. It PAINS me to see that ugly, bunched up and hideously black lettering screeching out at me in that otherwise useful view of my landscape. It’s like fingernails being scraped on a chalkboard. It’s like chewing aluminium foil. It’s clumsy, incongruous and utterly out of its design context. Great design is founded in contrasts but bad opposing good isn’t one of them. The UI group obviously doesn’t see things through the same lens as I do in this case.

In terms of its utility, the UI works for me. In terms of the way it looks, I’m afraid our gears don’t mesh.

We’ve been given an amazing and very flexible means to create custom perspective in OF3. Thank you Omni Group, you’ve taken the ball a LONG way down the field. There’s an open goal ahead of you - just let us do a bit of font and colour fiddling here and there.


Mark - UK.

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