Is there no way of adding action items into a customs perspective so that they automatically inherit the associated tag?

I can’t seem to find how to do this. Even drag inbox item doesn’t work. Currently I have to still assign the project name even though I’m in a custom perspective that houses only one project ?

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It seems to work if the perspective groups and sorts Entire Projects, but not with Individual Actions. Were you trying the latter?

Yes the latter. Sorry I should have been more specific. I don’t get why you can’t ? (I’ve amended my post to reflect this. I meant so that the action automatically inherits the customer perspectives tag.

Seems weird that when you add an action into a custom perspective made up of a tag, you still have to manually enter the tag again of the list that you’ve made the action in. I may as well just add actions in the inbox rather than having tried to have saved time by doing them straight in the CP.

Unless I’m not seeing what the reason behind this is, it seems to be yet another clunky way of doing something that should be simple and intuitive.

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Custom perspectives can be incredibly complex, complicated by which projects and actions appear and how they appear.

OmniFocus will do its best to allow you to create a new action whilst assigning it the project and tag you might expect. When the software can’t anticipate your expectations reliably, it will hedge its bets and choose the safest option. Sometimes that safe option can even be to just not allow creating new actions within a custom perspective.

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Oh, if you meant tag instead of project, setting up an Individual Actions perspective that groups by Tag seems to work fine if you drag the Inbox icon into the tag grouping. I tried most of the sort options, and all of them seemed to work.

If that isn’t working for you, I’d be interested to see what your other perspective settings might be.

Thank you for trying it out. My CP is made of of two tags Today and Fast. I suspect from what Nosto said above that OF cannot differentiate which of the two tags to use ? I think there should be an option that the action inherits both and leaves you to decide what to do with them or leave them, or remove one or the other

Well, so the regular plus icon doesn’t try to autofill the tag. There are probably situations where it theoretically could, but, as you say, a two tag perspective wouldn’t be one of them.

Did dragging the Inbox icon to the right tag not work?

Ok I’m confused. It’s working perfectly now. Not sure what I did wrong before. Dragging works fine and also pressing the plus button, in both a custom perspective made of tags or projects. Weird. But this is good. Thanks

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Hmm no. I was wrong. I was adding actions into tagged categories in the tags folder. Not into custom perspectives. Sorry been full on days and got muddled. So within custom perspectives made up of more than one tag, (maybe even just one ? Not sure haven’t tried that)) actions don’t inherit the tags.

But I found if you group options by tag AND change the sorting options to ‘added’ it at least allows you to drag a new action in which does inherit the tag automatically. Not sure if these are quirks or not. I guess there’s probably some pre designed logic behind why it operates like this.

That’s definitely strange. Drag-adding in a perspective that’s set to Group by Tag is working for me with any of the available sort options, so I’m not sure what the issue is. Is it letting you drop the drag to add the new action and simply not picking up the tag? Or is it not letting you drag drop at all for those other sorts?

When I group actions by anything else than ‘tagged’ it does not allow me to drop the drag anywhere in the CP. when it’s ‘last to group actions by ‘tagged’ it’s fine.( And I think it may need to have sort actions by added too. )

I’m sure there must be a reason for this and to be honest having now found that this is the only method that works for the drag and drop to inherit tag and project, this method actually works well for me.