Issue in OmniPlan 2.3.6 when syncing with iCal calendars

Since updating to OP 2.3.6 i have a serious issue when trying to update my calendars I subscribed to. OP 2.3.6 cannot find the calendars anymore although I did not change them. It worked fine until 2.3.5 but the link seems to be broken in 2.3.6 as OP displays a message similar to “… unrecognized selector …” I posted a message to the support team but I wonder if someone else has the same problem.

I was a bit too eager. A fix is already on the way.

May I ask how we know that a fix is on its way - have I missed an obvious announcement?

I’m finding this upgrade a bit flaky - I can no longer sync to iCal and I have had a crash while saving (report submitted).

I’m not seeing the same issue as you but rather when I attempt to sync tasks to iCal the application sits there without completing - a few of the tasks get synced but I have to kill the application to continue.

I was referring to an E-Mail from the support team that they are fixing it soon. In the meanwhile they gave me a link to the previous version.
I guess I am allowed to post the link in case you didn’t keep the older version:

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Downgrading to the earlier version fixed the problem.
I’m sure that you are allowed to post the link because the links to each of the earlier versions of OmniPlan are available on the Release Notes page:

Installing the beta version of 2.3.7 helps, too. Works fine even as a beta.