Issue with due date - new future action appears in "Past Due"

Hello there. My name is Hani and am a newbie in this forum.

I have a small problem using OF2 for Mac.

I have just created a new single action project, with a future due date on the 31st July.
However, once I entered the info of the project (context, nore, ) the project appeared in the section “Past Due”!!!

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your feedback and have a nice day everybody

Did you by accident set the due date as 31st July 2015?

I actually set the due date fir that action on 31st July 2015 because I need to have it finished and executed by then. But it doesn’t mmediately appeared under the “past due” items…

Welcome to the forums! Is it possible for you to post a screenshot of the Past Due section showing your new project? Also, what’s the date and time set to on your computer?

The tine set on my system is the local time ser for Madrid.

Hi again Tekl

Good news!!!

I discovered where the error was and it was ALL MINE!!! :(
You see, all the actions mentioned were in a Project called Single Action Work projects and the project itself was not sequential, BUT I had a due date for the project, so all the actions contained in it were “due” on that date.

Sorry for the trouble and hope this helps another newbie with OmniFocus, a splendid GTD program, :)

Cheers and have a nice day

Thanks for following up with the solution! I’m sure it’ll help someone else in the future - and it lets us know what parts of OmniFocus we might be able to make clearer as well.