It is wonderful using OmniOutliner with OmniFocus 2

It is wonderful using OmniOutliner 4 with OmniFocus 2.

You can copy the tasks you created in OmniOutliner 4 to OmniFocus 2 directly, no need to export and import.

Thanks your team’s effort.



My only minor gripe is that when copying from OF to OO the hierarchy is discarded and it’s pasted flat.

It is great that the copying works in that direction, but I use OmniOutliner to keep track of what I do each day. I hope that it will be possible to have tasks copied nicely to OmniOutliner from OmniFocus 2 as more than a link to the OmniFocus task. I want to be able to choose to copy the task summary as a journal of what the task involved.

I, too, find it useful that a simple “copy and paste” can get information from OmniOutliner 4 to OmniFocus 2.

However, I am puzzling about the names that columns in OO 4 need to have in order for their content to be automatically mapped into the right fields in OF2.

Through experimentation I found that regardless of the name, the first column is always mapped to “Title”. If you name a column “Context” it will be mapped to the context field; however, the same is not true for OO4 columns titled “Project”, “Defer date” and “Due date”.

Rather than experiment endlessly – could some wise experts enlighten the rest of us about the required names? I’d be most grateful!

Thanks in advance, and best wishes,


Just had a play with this for the first time and it’s my favourite V2 feature. OmniOutliner has always been my prefered place to outline project tasks. I go no further than working out a task hierarchy and attaching notes to tasks where appropriate. Having the ability to simply cut/paste this task hierarchy into my OmniFocus inbox is a wonderful thing. I’m not worried about mapping project/context stuff at this stage - that’s what the OmniFocus inbox exists for and it’s specifically designed for the task (rather than me going through the complexity of mapping OO column data at paste time).

It’s this kind of integration between Omni apps that makes so much sense. Here’s hoping that Omni Group bring something similar over to IOS. Adding a ‘paste from OO’ menu item in the IOS OmniFocus inbox is all it would take! ;)


This is a useful feature. But I don’t get the mapping between columns and OF fields. For example, why are notes not added plain, but “Metadata: Notes:” is added to the note field before the note text?

i wouldn’t call this integration - it blows my mind that omni haven’t created dedicated integration between their productivity suite apps!

• copy and paste? hello?
• different formats? hello?
• manual mapping? hello?

easy for me to be smug and sarcastic - i don’t run a software company. however, there are apps which do all of the cross-application integrations, and manage to solve the issues of translating mind maps > outlines seamlessly, outlines to todo’s, project management actions to todo’s etc. merlin/novamind is one of the obvious examples. even omnigraffle has an outline view, but no real integration with omnioutliner.

omni really confuses me in this respect. i’ll keep whining even though i know i’m hopelessly addicted to them…

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I am interested in the same question, too, especially if I can preserve the live links to the original emails.

The basic linking issue was solved with this post