Items with "No Project" in Project View?

When in context view in OF2, there is a “No Context” list that shows me all items that are not assigned to a project. From here I can easily drag items to contacts unlike the Inbox view that hides project/context list and I am forced to type in each one.

When in Projects view, how do I see a list of actions that are not assigned to a project? I would love to get access to these items and then just be able to drag then where the need to be.

In OmniFocus it is not possible to have actions that are not assigned to a project.
All actions are either in the inbox, or in a project. A single-action-list is also a project.

Regarding your ‘drag from inbox to projects’ issue, that has been mentioned before here on the forum, that’s currently still an issue in OF2, you can use a workaround by opening two windows: one with the inbox view, and the other with a projects-view.
Now you can drag items from the inbox to the project-list in the other window.
See this discussion for more on the inbox vs. project-list issue.

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It seems that OF2 will assign your no-project action to a single action list. It’s unclear to me how it chooses which SAL to use. It looks to me like it picked the first SAL that I created. There used to be a preference setting for this, but I could not find it in OF2.