It's a big mistake not to integrate Alexa!

It’s a big mistake not to integrate amazons Echo aka Alexa.
Posted my request months before and IFTTT isnt a solution.

Curious: How could this work if not for something like IFTTT? Alexa is a standalone Amazon product; how does data get from there to iOS?

Considering OF is only available on Apple platforms, why not use the Siri integration? Admittedly, I don’t have an Alexa, so I don’t know the value proposition here, but my phone is usually close enough that I can holler a “Hey Siri” as needed.


Why? Alexa is designed to get people buying stuff from Amazon. What’s that to do with OF.

Both Alexa AND Siri, please.

I happen to have both so…

… Siri when out and about.

… Alexa when within hollering distance of the Echo in the kitchen or the Dot in my home office. (Would rather not have to pull the phone out / fiddle with the Watch when Alexa to hand.)

Please don’t spend time on either alexa nor siri “integration”

There are a lot of features on the wishlist I would much more like to see in the near future! (for example, multiple contexts)


Some excellent reasons for keeping as far from Alexa integration as possible:


Ok, lost a customer. Good bye OmniFocus switched to ToDoist

This thread seems to have run its course. Here’s one that discusses existing solutions:

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