I've ended up with 2 versions of OF installed - safest way to clean up?

I seem to have OF2 installed in the usual location, and OF3 in a folder called omnifocus.localized

What’s the safest way to remove OF2 without accidentally losing data ?

Well, The Omni Group support always know, and they are very helpful. Just send them an e-mail. But if you’re not synching with Omnifocus on other platforms than the Mac, it’s quite simple. All the data is in one file, and the folders for OF2 and OF3 are separate. OF3 can open the file from OF2 in a separate window, and the you could, for example, drag the tasks you would like to keep to OF3.

If you want to be 100% safe:

  • Export your OF data in Omnifocus backup format (File, Export) to somewhere safe. Do the export from whichever version of OF has the most up-to-date data
  • Delete both versions. You could use something like Cleanmymac if you want to ensure everything is cleared out.
  • Reinstall OF3 into Applications
  • Import your OF backup and set up sync or whatever you need

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