iWatch - viewing all tasks

Is there anyway to view all tasks, I either have to flag them or set a due date or they need to be in the inbox.
99% of the time thats great. Occasionally would be good to have a view all tasks button.


I think that most Apple Watch apps will tend to be designed for “single” actions. Showing all tasks would probably overwhelm the Apple Watch screen size.

With most Apple Watch apps, we’re taking a “sip” of data at a time and not everything.

For simple things, the Apple Watch would be fine. For everything from project management, moving tasks around, etc., that would have to be worked out on the iPhone.

But if you’d like, send a request to omnifocus@omnigroup.com and put your vote in.

From what I’ve seen with most of the Apple Watch to-do apps, it’s best suited for getting to the urgent tasks (due, flagged) and not much else.

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The app handles multiple tasks well, my inbox can be quite full :)
loads a few tasks at a time and then when you scroll down with the iCrown it then loads a few more, so don’t think that [too many] would be a problem.

Ideally would like to be able to view a project list eg a shopping list, ideal for using on watch (I have on my phone), I would be able to tick things off when putting into shopping basket from wrist (these items don’t need to be flagged, or have a due date and don’t want to leave in inbox)

will put my vote in, thanks.

update: after reading some more have found by looking at shopping list on iphone in omnifocus then going to watch there is a link to last viewed project so thats a good work around

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I would love to have a special apple watch flag or star and be able to set a top 3 to show up in glances.

yes, that’s an important (and overlooked) cool feature - just select a context or a project on iPhone and then you’ve access to the items on your Watch!
Well done, OF Team!