Journal entries by Action/Projects?

Hi everybody !
Am I the only one using the Notes to put daily entries ?
Actually, I keep detailed notes and progress statuses on a daily basis on most of my OF entries, so I often end up with very long Notes.

Consequences :

  • It gives freaking long reports when I want to include Notes :-)
  • When displaying projects Notes, I must scroll down like forever sometimes to get to my actions.

So, would it be great to have a kind of “Journal” or “Events” feature for Actions-Projects ?
That way we could separate technical notes from action/project progress notes.

Ideally, this would allow separate entries per day, so we can compile an history for each action or project and sort it in different ways.
That feature would really help me.

Is there anybody here having the same need ?


While I could see the use of having this built-in, personally I just use Evernote in conjunction with OmniFocus to provide this capability.

You can link a note from Evernote into the “Notes” field of an OmniFocus task, and it will simply become a one-line entry referencing that Evernote item. Click on the entry to open it in Evernote, do with it what you will, and then just close it when you’re done.

You don’t even need to use Evernote to do this, in fact… You could have linked TextEdit files embedded in your Notes fields, and just open and edit those. The advantage of Evernote, however, is that the links will work on the iPhone and iPad, whereas a linked text file would only be available on the desktop. As a compromise, you could attach a text file, rather than linking it, which would store it directly in the OmniFocus database. In this case, it can be viewed on an iOS device from the “Attachments” tab, although you won’t be able to edit it.