Jump elsewhere links mysteriously change

I would consider myself an expert user (since 2004) and regularly work with OG files containing at least 50 canvases (but 70 is about average) and use jumping elsewhere linking extensively for clickable prototypes of complex applications. What I have noticed is that the canvas designations I assign seem at times to change values as if by magic. At least I haven’t been able to correlate that with any action I might be taking. For a while I thought it was somehow connected to shared layers but it appears to also be happening with files that do not contain shared layers. In any case, this has led to a few frustrating presentation situations as you can imagine. Has anyone experienced the same? If so, it must be a bug rather than user error. Here’s hoping. :)


I have the same problem here. "Jump elsewhere"Links to canevases change without warning or logic, leading to endless checking. Pretty annoying. I can’t figure out the cause. Hope there is a solution.
I’ve been using Omnigraffle for years. The problem appears in the last version.