Jump to a Perspective by hitting Project name in the Sidebar?

It would be great to Jump to a Perspective by hitting Project name in the Sidebar. Often I have proejcts in the projects view, but pressing them is redundant as I only view and edit them in a custom perspective. So i end up clicking the projects and then the perspective link in its notes field. or I can fill up my sidebar or toolbar with perspoective links, but then it gets too cluttered. Do you guys have a better solution?

I use keyboard maestro pallettes on the mac to do something similar.
(Does not work on iOS though)

palettes idea from Wilson:


Wow that pretty crazy! But too complicated for me. Thank you anyway!

It’s actually not that complicated if you really look at the sample download. You can download a trial demo of Keyboard Maestro and then download the sample Keyboard macro group that I linked to.

I once doubted the need for KM. But it has slowly creeped into my life. When I need to automate or speed up a process, I go to KM. You don’t need to be a programmer to use the very easy to use macro steps. Build up a macro with simple steps or use the Mac recorder to mimic your actions.

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I didnt want to deal with all of the scripting rocket science. As long as it does not come from the developer itself I will not script anything bymyself. I am paying money for the app so the developer should implement this into its app, full stop.

Meanwhile I helped myself out with the tools already build in into the app. I opened all perspectives in tabs (Around 12 in Total). So when I want to go to a Perspective I hit “show all tabs” with a keyboard shortcut and select a tab which reperesents one perspective. Voila, very easy, very convenient and less risky to break like a script. Enjoy your easy scriptless life and use the extra time to get some work done rather to play around with codes.

I’m no programmer but KM is very easy to use. I am intimidated by AppleScript and Javascript but not KM.

If there are tools available, I am willing to make use of it to make life easier.

Yes, I’ve seen your other posts where you hope/insist that a developer gets to everyone’s feature list. But I’m not going to wait for someone. I’m going to actively take a problem into my own hands and try to solve it.

in the same vein, I could probably do all the accounting work in the office. But I spent two weeks with my assistant and dedicated 60 minutes a day (Mon-Fri) to helping her understand what I needed to get done. I showed her how to do the books and prepare all the monthly reports. That was 10 hours that I had to set aside to help her. But once she got the hang of it, that initial investment paid off and I no longer have to worry about the books as much. I just have to spend 45 minutes a week looking over her work so that I am aware of the office numbers and the weekly status of business.

Training someone is a pain in the beginning but well worth effort to offload. Going to KM for me saved me tons of time. Scripting is something that is well worth the effort. Siri Shortcuts allows me to customize my iPhone to do things much easier. I just had to invest in the MacSparky Siri Shortcuts Video Field Guide and walked through the tutorials. It was well worth the effort.

But I’m glad you found your own solution.

Happy New Year!

Hi I appreciate your help and understand and respect your opinion. However I don’t fully agree when it comes to features within OF. Take care!

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