Just checking...current Clip-O-Tron does NOT work with El Cap Mail, correct?

I already know that Omni does not recommend running OF2 with the El Cap Beta, as described here: https://support.omnigroup.com/beta-os-compatibility

I’ve accepted the risks and am running it anyway.

To be clear: I don’t EXPECT OF2 or the Clip-O-Tron to work with pre-release Beta software, in this case or ever.

All I want to know is, is the COT 3001 not working with El Cap Mail normal, a function of it not being updated yet? I try to invoke it and get the Funk system sound, indicating incorrect input.

I just want to know if it not working is an El Cap-specific thing, or perhaps a function of something else on my system. If I know it’s the former, I can try to stop troubleshooting and just accept it until the Clip-O-Tron is updated. (Note: if there’s a El Cap compatible Clip-O-Tron Beta available for download, I’d be interested in testing it)

Hi @kevincastillo, I wasn’t able to find any other reports of the Clip-o-Tron not working in El Capitan.

Are you getting the ‘bonk’ sound when using a keyboard shortcut? That often means that the keyboard shortcut is the problem. What happens if you try using the mouse to select Menu Bar ▸ Mail ▸ Services ▸ OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox instead? If the mouse works, then the problem is almost certainly the keyboard shortcut. (Perhaps a shortcut that worked in Yosemite is now reserved by the system in El Capitan?)

If that doesn’t help, you’re welcome to email us so we can troubleshoot further (or determine whether this is in fact an El Capitan compatibility issue)!

Anne, Thanks for the reply!

The keyboard shortcut I had assigned to clipping was working in other system applications, such as in Safari and the like, just not Mail. I had hunted for shortcut conflicts before by reviewing my settings, etc.

That said, hadn’t tried invoking in Mail using the mouse.

Did it once, it worked (!), and now the keyboard shortcut works. Seems to persist through quit/app restart. It’s almost as if I had to do it once through the menus/mouse, and now the shortcut has “woken up”. Before, wouldn’t work, even after restarting app or rebooting system! I changed no other settings.

As long as it works, I’m happy,but wanted to provide the additional detail for reference!

Interestingly, just after my last post, I went and found this: Clip-O-Tron not working?

Which, coincidentally, is a thread I had posted in before, but had forgotten about!

Either way, hadn’t seen that last post linked, however, which mentions that a bus in OS X requires that you have to hover over the services menu at least once for the shortcut to “activate”. Would certainly be consistent with the experience I just had! Might be worth filing a bug report with Apple for…

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Confirming that the “hover” method in this link worked for me as well in getting “Send to Inbox” to send clips again from Apple Mail.

When I select an email the COT is not working for me, either. But if I select the entire body of the email, it does. Just further information.