Just purchased OmniFocus 3, what is the process to install

I was expecting some sort of installation instructions when I purchased OmniFocus 3 to guide me through installing and all the considerations regarding what happens to the existing OmniFocus 2 app.

The first thing the install wanted to do was move the install file into the applications folder and overwrite the existing OmniFocus 2 app, which I was concerned would happen.

Some guidance here would be great? I want to run the two alongside each other until I’m sure I’ve got everything working fine, and the data has come across to the new version 3.

To get the best answer, you should write to The Omni Group support (omnifocus@omnigroup.com), as this is only a user forum.

You can run both versions next to one another. Archive in OmniFocus 3 once you have both installed so that you’ll be prompted to migrate that data from OmniFocus 2 over. The one down side of keeping OmniFocus 2 is that you do not get the option to drop tasks until all syncing devices are on OmniFocus 3. Please do email us from Contact Omni (Help menu) if you have any other questions or concerns. We’re happy to help!



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Thanks. I have heard back and I’m asked for more help as it has renamed OF 3 as OF 2.

I’m not certain I follow. Where is the OmniFocus 3 application showing it is OmniFocus 2? What version shows when you launch the application and choose About OmniFocus from the OmniFocus menu?

When you installed OmniFocus 3, were you prompted to replace OmniFocus? If you said no, you didn’t install OmniFocus 3. Create a folder in Applications and move OmniFocus 2 into the folder. Then install OmniFocus 3 to the Applications folder. If you said yes to replace, OmniFocus 2 should be in your trash. Create an OmniFocus 2 folder, then drag OmniFocus 2 from the trash into the OmniFocus 2 folder.

If you still need some help, feel free to email us from Contact Omni under the help menu.



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