KanBan on IOS without Mac

Has anyone managed to create some form of Kanban board solely on IOS?

I don’t use a Mac day to day, relying pretty much on my iPad (and unfortunately a Windows PC)

If you have an iPad with of3 you can do it side by side by opening multiple specific instances of OF, maybe through a shortcut.
I have OF 2 pro still, and have my Kanban statuses as contexts, in row format instead of columns, in a custom view that group by context.
If you organize stuff like this, kanban status becomes the equivalent of swimlanes and is set in the context, and for swimlanes you will need multiple windows.
Not nice, but it fits the purpose even if you lose part of the visual appeal of kanban.

Can you not do it with focussed perspectives and just work through from one to another?

It would need tagging correctly but I can not see it being that difficult to implement.

Apart from (as @silvanoricci suggested) side-by-side windows, you can’t do it visually. @TheOldDesigner’s suggestion of perspectives would work functionally, but it’s about the best you can get.

If the Kanban view is critical to your workflow, I’d suggest looking at something like Trello - nothing like to sophistication of OF, but as a Kanban management tool, very good

Thanks for the responses. I was looking for something a little more visual than OF. E.g. Trello like.

But I don’t know how to make the data available In that visual way whilst also updating the OF info from the 3rd party app.

But as I suspected, it doesn’t seem possible on IOS

Not within OF itself, but one could build a report/export of OF data using Shortcuts to create something like this, I think! Would generating a table outside of OF be a valuable enough solution for you? Or do you need something inside OF itself?



Ah, re-reading, I see you want updates in the kanban to reflect in OF, so I guess that’s a no.



No problem Scotty. Just working my way though your podcast with Rosemary.

Thanks for replying to everyone.

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