KB shortcut to switch between outline/sidebar panes?

Given I use command-2 to switch to Project Perspective
And I can use the up and down keys to move between projects
Then what keyboard shortcut can I use to jump focus into the Task List Pane (aka the pane to the right of the project list)?
And what keyboard shortcut can I use to jump from the Task List Pane back to Project list pane?

Thanks if anyone can help!

BTW - loving v2… love the spacing, new circle icons, embedded inspect pane. REVIEW PANE ROCKS. just loving it…

I think you’re looking for option-command-1/2/3
They’re also in the View menu as Go To Sidebar/Outline/Inspector, except for a bug that sometimes renames them all as “Go To Sidebar”.


Lizard - you’re now my favorite reptilian! That was clutch! Thanks very much!

In OF 1, if you were in the project sidebar, and you hit the Return key, a new task was created in the Task Pane. It would be really nice to have that functionality back instead of having to use Command-Option 1/2/3.

what would be the shortcut for this “quick jump” function with the arrow on the purple circle in the toolbar?