Keep completed tasks on calendar?

I have enabled the ical sync on Mac, however, when I check off one task on omnifocus, after the completion of the syncing, the task disappeared on the apple calendar, I have no way to view my completed tasks in a weekly or monthly view on ical, I don’t know what’s going on, can you guys please help me out? Thank you so much…

Now that some time has passed on this unanswered topic, I’d like to revive conversation about this. Having your calendar stuff together with the tasks seems to be common logic now, but what about the past and the review? I would love to see my finished tasks alongside the calendar entries without having to open two apps.

I don’t care in which app this is possible, either as a calendar feed or in a “backcast” just as long as I can go through my week in one app.

Starting with OF3, the iCal integration for due items has been discontinued, so while you can keep OF2 running as long as the databases stay compatible, there will be a point in time when the integration will most likely cease to work.

I suggest you put in a feature request via e-mail.