Keep OmniFocus and Mac Calendars Separate?

I’m new to OmniFocus so please excuse me if this sounds like a stupid question. As I look at the application, I see that when I click the Forecast perspective, I see events that are scheduled on my Mac’s Calendar app. Is there some way that I can keep OmniFocus’s calendar separate from my Mac calendar? By that I mean that if I create a task with a due date, can I just have that show up on the calendar inside the Forecast perspective but not in my Calendar application? I plan on assigning due dates to lots of tasks in OF but I don’t want all of those tasks cluttering up my Mac calendar. Is it possible to keep the OF calendar and my Mac calendar totally separate?

UPDATE: I just read in the OF manual that if I go to Mac Security & Privacy Preferences > Privacy > Calendar, I can uncheck OmniFocus thus disallowing it from accessing my Mac calendar. This appears to do what I’m looking for. Please let me know if I’m incorrect or if there’s a better way to do it. Thanks.

UPDATE 2: I just read that I can turn on and off the calendars that are visible in the Forecast perspective by clicking View in the toolbar. I guess if you just RTFM, you can answer your own questions! ;-)


Hi I don’t think you have to remove access in your system preferences. Omnifocus doesn’t drop things in your calendar and clutter that up. It just displays your calendar next to your due or deferred items in the forecast view. Try it out and assign some tasks with a due date and they will be there in the forecast view but nothing is added to your calendar.