Keeping a log of completed tasks

I’m curious, how do you people keep a log of stuff that’s been completed and keep it updated?

I would for example like to keep a log in some kind of calendar app of tasks completed and their date of completion. I there some way of doing this?

I do this by using the inspector in OF. When you complete something it has a record of completion dates there as well as added and changed date/time. You may have to set the view options to “all” to see the completed items or use a custom perspective if you have pro. This is one of my main uses of OF.

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Do you add notes also? Or do you keep them somewhere else? Or do you not keep notes?

Yes I write notes in there. I keep a log of my various mandatory professional development. I sometimes write quite extensive notes. When I add them – almost always on my phone, I know that I will have the time stamps available for future reference and this has taken a lot of the stress away. And I drop any supporting documents in the notes field also.