Keeping the plan up to date -reflecting actual vs budgeted times


I have a large plan in execution. The plan was built and baselined and we are now doing it. I want to be able to track the actual time against the budgeted time, and also compare the timeline assigned dates to the actual dates.

For example, a task is assigned to a resource with a budget time of 8 hours at $100 per hour. The task is completed in 4 hours. How do I enter the actual data to get an accurate report. Is the EVA the right report for this?

Another example in the same place is a task assigned to start on a data that has no real prerequisites but is assigned a start date because of expected resource workflow and availability. The task gets started and finished before the initially scheduled start time. What is the best way to enter this to be able to report on the difference between scheduled and actual?

Thanks kindly.