Keeping Track of Accomplished Tasks

Hi all,

I want to tap into the collective wisdom.

Sometimes I end up forgetting that I have already done something important (e.g. submitted approval form for x). Do you have a way of tracking this with OF? I know that I can create a perspective of accomplished tasks but that perspective will include everything and won’t tell me that important task x was already taken care of. The task I am referring to is something of a milestone task.

I use OF1 on my mac and OF 2 on my iPhone.

Thanks for your feedback.

This perspective will include everything, but can’t you use the search box to find the task in question? That’s what I usually do (OF 1 as well). I end up using the search box a lot, really… :)

Yes, I was trying to avoid the search box because I might not remember how I worded the task. But I should give it a try.

I think conventional GTD wisdom would be that it doesn’t matter once you’ve done it - just move onto the next concrete step. Conversely, Anything I forget to check off will get caught in my weekly review.

Are you worried about it because you haven’t captured everything you’re doing, so can’t be sure that “important task X” might not even be in your system?

yes, it makes sense, Brad. There are a couple of things: 1. I am a bit paranoid that the old habit of not capturing everything might kick in. 2. I am more afraid that I’ve scheduled the event for a specific date, but I did not do it because other things got in the way. I think I need to become better at my weekly reviews.