Keybinding annoyances


I’ve just started using OmniFocus again (last time was version 1 :).

I’m finding a few of the keybindings really annoying. For example, when I’m in the Projects view, select a project and press return, the most intuitive (to me) thing to do would be to create a new action in that project. However, OmniFocus will create a new project below the selected one.

So, instead, I have to select a project, click in that project’s pane, and then press enter. I know that I could use Apple-N, but am I alone in finding this use of return to be counter-intuitive?

Likewise, when I’m creating a new action, hitting tab will move the active field one left (to tag). This is also what happens if I press the right arrow key, which seems like a bit of a waste, to use two common single-press keys for the same semantic. I’d much rather tab be used to indent (and shift-tab to outdent) the entry.

I suppose I could change these in System Preferences, but it’d be great if the defaults were more carefully considered.

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Here is another. Type return when your selection is a closed (unexpanded) action group in the right pane. Now type return when your selection is a closed (unexpanded) folder in the left pane.

Why does one case step into while the other case steps to the next?


Keyboard and OF are notorious enemies…
BUT: it is on the roadmap for 2019.

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