Keyboard as default is removed in a recent update (?)

Is it just me, or has a recent update of OmniFocus for iPhone and iPad removed the keyboard as default input way, when choosing Tag and/or Project?

As it is now (again, it has been this way before) I have to scroll down on the Project list, to see the search field. I am pretty sure that you entered the search field automatically a couple of weeks ago, and the last half year or so. It saves a lot of time.

Have I dreamt this or…?
Am I making myself understandable? 🤠

That’s the first time I’ve heard of it, the behaviour “after” you describe is the way it’s been for me always?

Thanks for the input Janov! I know now what’s wrong.

If you are in OF and create a new action, the keyboard comes up as expected.
However, if you create an inbox item from another Application (using the “Share” function") the keyboard does not show!

Example; I am in Safari and want to save an URL, pressing the Share button and then Omnifocus.

Ah, now I understand, thanks!

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