Keyboard shortcut for "Focus on ..."

Is it possible to assign a new keyboard shortcut for “Focus on …”? Creating App Shortcuts requires the exact name of the menu command. I am having trouble because this particular menu title changes based on which projects are chosen.

Shift+Command+F always works for me. Does that shortcut not show up in the View menu? In a context-based list or perspective, I’ll hit that combo then Option+Command+R to take me to the relevant project.

You are correct, Shift+Command+F does work as the default. My problem is that I cannot remember the defaults, so I was trying to change all the shortcuts I use to start with Control+Option. Because this menu item name changes, I cannot figure out how to assign a different shortcut.

It might be a bit overkill to use the app Keyboard Maestro simply for changing this shortcut, but Keyboard Maestro is great for lots of other time saving shortcuts too, so it may be worth considering buying the app. There are also other, less expensive shortcut apps.

Good idea! I haven’t explored shortcut apps.