Keyboard shortcut for "View Note" / "Hide note" is not optimal

Is there any way to change the keyboard shortcuts for the “View note” & “Hide note” feature. Pressing 3 keys on the keyboard is a bit too much. Is there a better way?

Yup! You can use the steps in this Apple support article to change the keyboard shortcuts OmniFocus (or any other app) uses. Hope that helps!

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Isn’t the ‘view note’/‘hide note’ option accessed with +", which is fairly simple? The keyboard shortcut is utilised in other OmniGroup apps as well – with OmniOutliner 4 being an example.

I can’t remember which ones specifically, but I believe some locales need to use more keys to get at those characters.

Exaxtly…the german keyboard layout looks like this:

So…it’s pretty much using finger acrobatics to use that shortcut for “show/hide note”.