Keyboard Shortcut: Next & Previous Perspective?

Cross-posting a feature request I sent to the ofpreview email address, curious if anyone here would find it useful:

Feature request: A menu command to switch to Next perspective and Previous perspective. Keyboard shortcuts for this would be nice, but I could always map that in System Preferences.

Use case: Switching from my Flagged perspective to a custom perspective two or three tabs down, then back. Memorizing a bunch of individual custom keyboard shortcuts is much harder than just memorizing, say, CTRL+TAB or CMD+SHIFT+].


@AncientToaster, you can assign custom keyboard shortcuts to any perspective. Doesn’t that meet the requirement?

AncientToaster is onto something. It would be a nice feature to have in terms of cycling through the perspectives shown on the left control bar.

Not really. If you watch someone keyboard thru tabs in Chrome, they don’t usually use the CMD+1…CMD+9 keyboard shortcuts anywhere near so often as they use CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB.

Take my Omnifocus perspectives as an example. I have 12 in my sidebar. I might remember the keyboard shortcuts for Inbox, Flagged, and Forecast (I hit those often). But Contexts, that slips thru my memory, as do Changed and Completed. Hard to remember that I assigned CMD+SHIFT+CTRL+8 (or whatever) to Changed. Not hard to just hit CTRL+TAB four or five times till I see it highlighted in the sidebar.