Keyboard shortcut to activate integrated search field?

I’m wondering if there is a keyboard shortcut to activate (ie, give focus to) the integrated search field (ie, the search field that appears in the toolbar)?

I see keyboard shortcuts for Find, and for showing Filters in the Sidebar. But I can’t find a way to activate the integrated search field using the keyboard. The only way seems to be to click on it with my mouse. (This seems strange, seeing how well suited the rest of the app is for keyboard use.)

There certainly is! It’s Option-Command-F (listed in the menu under Edit > Find > Go to Search Field).

Thanks for the reply, Ken!

However: I see the menu item you mentioned in OmniFocus. But I don’t see it in OmniOutliner, which is what I was wondering about. (I posted in the OmniOutliner forum, but I should have specified in my questions that I’m using OmniOutliner 5.0.4.)

Here’s a screenshot … I don’t see “Go to Search Field” …

Furthermore, if I search the Keyboard Shortcuts window for “Search”, nothing comes up.

Am I just missing it? Or, if the “Go to Search Field” menu item is really not there, can you consider adding it?

Thanks again,


Same here. I don’t see a “Go to Search Field” command, and Option-Command-F just opens the Find panel. Would be nice to have this consistent with OmniFocus.

Indeed it would. I find it kind of baffling that there is no shortcut to give focus to the search field.

I emailed and this is what they said:

There isn’t currently a way to navigate to the Search field using only the keyboard in OmniOutliner 5, but I’ve let the team know you’d like to see a way to access this using the keyboard in a future release. Thanks for letting us know that’d benefit your use!

I suggest that you (and anyone else who feels the same way) send them an email too. If you don’t want to explain the full issue, you can just point them to this forum post and say you’d like a keyboard shortcut for “Edit > Find > Go to Search Field”.