Lack of meaningful iOS updates


I recently had a synchronization issue. Omni gave me an overview of the processs. What you don’t see, for good reason, is a level of sophistication I never imagined. Keep the updates coming - my feature set is fine. Small itterations on UI, but industrial level infrastructure is all I want.


I totally agree with you, Luke.

Folding / Collapsible action groups on iPhone is my major reason for not using Omnifocus 3 on iOS. It is a major letdown for me, something which really obstructs my workflow.

Projects names are not full title either. Yes, through Projects perspectives, they are, but in all other perspectives - a custom perspective with projects view - we got something along these lines “Develop a new app… for team … x in Ja…” instead “Develop a new app for team x in January”. It shows not the full title of the project like it was in Omnifocus 2. Now we got those three “…” that obstructs many crucial informations regarding long title projects. Another letdown for me.

Omnifocus 3 for MacOS is fabulous. On iOS? Not so, at least for me.


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Warning - strong opinions expressed strongly. Also, note that, although I’m quoting @Deva this isn’t aimed specifically at their posts.

Omni just can’t win, can they. Of course it’s not the perfect time - it’s never the perfect time. Every piece of work done means another piece of work not done (unless you have unlimited resources, and who has that?).

This whole thread is, in my view, selfish and unreasonable. Anyone has the right to want specific features and improvements, and this is the right place to ask for them. But the pervasive tone of this thread is that my demand should be prioritised over all others. Some of the comments are downright offensive to Omni and to fellow forum members. I don’t recall, in many years of participation, so many posts being flagged for offensive content - one during the highly contentious GTD wars of OF 1 days (should OF enforce canonical GTD or allow users freedom to choose).

To read some of the posts, you’d be forgiven for thinking that purchasing a licence gives me or any one of you the right to determine, unilaterally, Omni’s priorities and workload. Well, we all bought licenses, as did thousands of others who don’t come to these forums. And we don’t all want what any one person or group of people here want. And it’s up to Omni to balance the completing demands of a diverse customer base. It’s perfectly possible to challenge Omni’s judgement without descending to the kind of ad hominem commentary we’ve seen here.

When OF3 IOS launched, Omni were told they should have prioritised the Mac. When OF3 Mac went beta, there were people here telling Omni that without OF Web there was no future and they’d better get on it - pronto. Now we’re being told that Omni’s neglecting OF IOS (not just neglecting, but doing it through stupidity, laziness, incompetence, cynicism or some combination or permutation of all four).

Meanwhile, as @Deva suggests, bug fixes, maintenance releases, compatibility with frequent operating system updates are being dismissed as inconsequential. Never mind that thousands of users are entitled to expect that their applications work reliably and that problems are fixed.

Of course, someone, somewhere reading this is thinking “fanboy” even if they don’t say it aloud - but that doesn’t affect the point. Stop being so entitled.



Maybe the tone is not right and too critical of Omni folks efforts to make Omnifocus 3 a better software. At least for me, it is still the best and most powerful task manager - and I cant think an app which is more important to my workflow than this one, except Microsoft Word and Excel, but that´s it.

Luke is not asking for some powerful new feature: he is asking for a basic, fundamental, navigation feature that was excluded from this current version, something that I and Jan_H already mentioned: Action Groups on iOS (Omnifocus 3 for Mac is spot on regarding this subject!).

On iOS, specially iPhone, if your project has plenty of action groups (maybe that´s the case of Jan_H and Luke, and it definitely my case too), your view is going to be cluttered with plenty of tasks and information that you do not need right now. Is this selfish? Depends. It involves my workflow, yes, but I do think that this overall design makes navigation difficult for folks that do use action groups. I maybe wrong about this issue but, at least for me, I cannot use the iPhone version of Omnifocus 3, and I would love to. I am still waiting for a fix since June/2018.


It’s one thing to ‘virtuously’ express strong opinions’ however something quite different when one begins to use language such as ‘selfish, entitled, offensive’. This is uncivil and unnecessary. The irony being that you are indulging in the very actions you purport to take issue with. The hypocrisy is rather fascinating.

As a reminder, this is a public forum, which means it’s a platform for debate, regardless of whether or not opinions, including frustrations, that you may not agree with, are supposed to be allowed. If this debate is not conducive to you, consider not frequenting this forum, or alternatively request that this forum be closed, if you believe that civil exchanges of ideas that you do not agree with should be shut down. That kind of behaviour however does set off a very dangerous precedent, and kinda defeats the whole purpose. If anything, it is your tone sir, that has erred on the side of incivility.

My frustrations have surrounded functionality that have been removed (not features), and still not reintroduced after a lengthy period of time. And therefore, yes it should be prioritised, when users are forced to change the way they used to use the software, without any prior notice, and need to find clunky new work arounds. How is this a form of entitlement. Because you personally are not affected by these changes, gives you no right to judge what is and is not a requirement for other equally invested users.

I am also intrigued to know the content of the ‘many flagged posts on this thread of which you have never seen the likes of in so many years’, that have caused you such angst and offence ?

However please only reply if you are able to find a way of being part of a civil debate, without the drama, as otherwise this jibber jabbering is simply a waste of time.


Why does not Omni publish their issue tracking system?
(maybe Jira, Youtrack, Redmine, Trac or someone else)

Tried before and failed??

I think it will be a right place to connect Omni’s “should” and users’ “need”.


Here are maybe a few reasons:

Most likely totally and completely unrelated to your question 🤣


Yesterday I used OF on my iPad with action groups. Guess what? For each new task I had to scroll way up (!) all of the tasks to find its action group.

You know what I did? I shut down OF on my iPad and grabbed my Mac while is was in bed. No comfort for me. I cannot understand how this couldnt be addressed in so many years. In the OF podcasts they said that they wanna make the iPad OF just like the Mac OF. Seems like they couldnt do it.

Also also: Why so many posts have been hidden? What is going on in this forum? Isnt critics allowed anymore? Very sad!

Guys: We all love OF, but we still criticize. That is no paradox. Thanks!


He was in here😏

I understand and completely agree almost of the article.
But I think probably developing open source software has same problems as he mentioned as the reason why shouldn’t publish ITS with commercial software development.

Maybe “how to use” is important.

I just think it would be helpful to give users’ consent that ITS would show users that how many cases to fix, which case is on the way, or so.

I want to more deeply express but I cannot.
I’m not native man so this is my limit with dictionary…😭


My # 1 issue with OF IOS is that it does not respect the user’s efforts in making well founded notes with OF MAC and then seeing their notes with images thrown in a Tab Attachments on OF IOS. I am completely lost looking at these jumbled notes with gaps missing their images. The app Evernote does a fine job making sure whatever you create is the same wherever you see it (IOS, MAC, Web). Maybe you should ask someone there.

I will not upgrade OF until this basic, useability issue is finally fixed. It can no longer be shoved under the rug. A note, is a note, is a note! No Attachments, no Attachments Tab!


Dear KontiKonsumi,

Very accurate description of the issue that I was talking about. It is exactly what is happening to me on my iPhone.

Constructive criticism is relevant for improving the app even more.

Best Regards


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