Late projects not showing up in Forecast (pics included)

If you look at the two pics you’ll see that my project labeled “go to the gym three times a week” did not make its way over to Forecast. It didn’t go over there at all, either late or as per schedule. There are several projects which have not. Can someone look at this and tell me what to do?

I installed the update this morning, but still no good.


I can’t post both pics. The other was just confirmation that it’s not in Forecast.

As far as I can see, the project is empty and therefore there are no tasks to show in the Forecast view.


It might make a difference to check the “Include projects and groups” item in the Preferences under Organization Preferences.

Do you mean that under the heading we add tasks, even when the only task is that one thing? I think I’ve misunderstood how to use this function.

When I have steps I need to complete I use parallel or sequential. When I have just one thing to do, I use Single Action. Are you saying that Single Action requires subtasks to work?

I think you are making a confusion here.

Parallel, Sequential and Single Actions are types for Lists (or Projects).

So, your Single Action Go to the gym three days a week should be contained in a Single Action List.

  • Single Action List (type: Single Actions)
    • Go to the gym three days a week (Action, or Task if you prefer)

Right now, your Single Action is actually a project (or list)
Hope this is clear, and helps your understanding :D


Well, bloody hell, I’ve been doing it wrong.

So just to clarify. I make the project GO TO THE GYM and then put the action “three times a week” within that. Is that right? If so, should I set the project, the action, or both to repeat each week?

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No, no. That way you would end up having too many single action projects.

You can create one (yeah, just one) Single Action List and have all actions which do not belong to any project in that list. That’s the way I do it, by the way (and mine is named, wait-for-it, “Single Actions” — I know, not very creative).

Or, you could create some Single Action Lists, as you like. There are plenty of blog posts out there about Single Action Lists in OmniFocus. The one I believe is more appropriate for you now is this one, from Sven Fechner. I hope you will like it ;-)


I’m discovering something funny. If that project was set as parallel or sequential, it does show up in the Forecast (even without actions). If it is switched to a single action list, it doesn’t show up. I’m not sure why that would be.

Really curious.

Thank you very much.

I get it now. :)

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On a 2nd thought, it actually makes sense.

  • Single Action Lists are mostly named with nouns, and represent a collection of single actions.
  • Projects, either parallel or sequential, are usually named with verbs, which often represent a desired goal or final result.

The above said, it makes complete sense, at least to me, that projects would appear in my Forecast view while lists wouldn’t.

Below, some examples of my current projects and lists and my willingness for them to appear or not in the Forecast view in case they get stalled (have no contained actions):

Some of my Single Action Lists:

  • Single Action List ← NO
  • Daily ← NO
  • Weekly ← NO
  • (Next time in…)São Paulo ← NO

Some of my current projects

  • Organize Reference Material in Evernote ← YES
  • Review invoice/prices of XXXXX ← YES
  • Learn Dutch ← YES
  • Get refund for YYYYY ← Oh, YES
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