Launch Center Pro?

Do I need it? Glancing at the videos on Learn Omnifocus and I’ve seen one about all about automatic OF, which mentions Launch Center Pro.

I also read about Launch Center Pro in a few of the articles on there. I haven’t signed up with Learn Omnifocus yet so can’t watch the video.

If I want to set up location notifications with OF3 on my iPhone can I do it without Launch Center Pro? There won’t be a lot of these notifications, just perhaps less than 10, like if I’m at the hardware store buy light bulbs or if I’m at the supermarket and the pet store is next door then pop in and buy the fancy food my cats like which is super expensive so they have as a treat alongside their normal food.

(Didn’t fully use my trial of OF3 last year {personal reasons} tried a few other “free” apps since which didn’t do what I needed and so I’m back to OF3 because I did get on well with it for the couple of days I tried it)

OmniFocus can have locations added directly to tags. One reason I prefer Launch Center Pro for some of these is that I can launch perspectives, or projects, or even limit the location to say Thursdays 9am-2pm. Launch Center Pro is a great complementary application for automation.


How do you do it? Do you leave the tag without location-based reminder and instead add one in Launch Center Pro that is limited to those times? 🤔

Yes, I just add LCP actions with triggers for these locations and set the times. This is actually detailed in the video on Learn OmniFocus - I did it ;)


That still doesn’t solve the old problem, though, or does it? You can either have LCP being aware of time constraints on a tag – or you can use OF which knows if there are actually items available that match the tag, right?

I watched your OF Workflows video yesterday evening, I thought it was you when you replied :) That video was incredibly informative, I learnt a lot!

I’m not sure if I need anything launched as it were when I’m at a certain location, just that if it knows I’m somewhere and I need to buy something at that location. There won’t be a time or date associated with it, because I may not know ahead of time I’m going to be there, I just need something to tell me when I’m there if that makes sense.

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