Layout changes when clicking

As a long time user of Omnigraffle 5, I’ve recently started testing 6 and have run into some odd behavior I never seen before. For some reason, when I click on any shape in my flowchart, the layout changes to this very wide page where every shape or object is lined up in this long horizontal line. If I hit UNDO, it goes back to normal but I’m basically stuck on this because —as mentioned above— as soon as I click on anything it changes the layout.

Driving me nuts for hours already. If anyone knows what’s going on, please help.

Also, is there a way to confine a search to a single forum when searching here? Whenever I do, I get threads for all Omni apps.


Never mind. I found the problem. I had to untick the Auto layout box in the Canvas Inspector. Hope this helps someone out there in the future!

My second question about a confined search still stands though.