Length of line visible while drawing

Is there a way to see the length of the line, while you are actually drawing it?

The other thing I haven’t been able to figure out is why some lines have all the information filled in the four Geometry windows, but other lines don’t have the length part available??

Use the length variable, <%Length%> , as the line’s label. (Click on the line with the text tool to make a label.) It will update as you manipulate the line. You do have to have drawn at least part of the line before adding the label. You can save some typing by selecting the default label text and then using the InsertVariable>Length item in the Edit menu. The Connections stencil has a dimension line with the length variable already on it, but it also has a dimension line’s arrow-and-line symbol at the ends, which you might not want.

There is no length field in the geometry window; the dimensions are those of the line’s bounding box. One dimension is the length for a horizontal or vertical line, but that’s not true in general.