Licensing: Mixing Personal & Business Licenses

Hello. My organization has started licensing OmniPlan with a team licensing mode. I have licensed OmniGraffle on this way and everything is ok.

But I also happen to have a personal OmniFocus Pro license. Somehow the licensing information for OmniGraffle has also been transfered to OmniFocus (it shows the Omni account I used for the OmniGraffle license, which is different from my personal one). It is offering me the possibility of “Registering the Omnifocus 3 Pro purchase to your account”.

What should I do? Obviously I do not want to link the Omni business account (for OmniGraffle) with my personal Omni accout (for OmniFocus).

This sounds like a good question for Omni Support.

Thanks Tim, already did that and I am in good hands already.

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