Ligatures and LaTeX

I recently created a poster and used Texpad to create blocks of typeset text as pdfs that I then pasted into the different areas of the poster. The text looked great, of course, but it would be nice if OG supported ligatures (to create nicer looking text), and if it supported inserting LaTeX code into text areas that would then render as typeset text. This would be really helpful with creating text with sub and superscripts, mathematical symbols, etc. Ligature examples follow:


I don’t use OG. But AFAIK, OG supports LinkBack. So does LaTeXIT. I use LaTeXiT successfully to embed LaTeX in Curio (also supporting LinkBack). So perhaps this is the answer you need.


Thanks, JJW,

Incredibly, I recently used this method with OmniOutliner (I believe it was), but it didn’t come to mind for OG.

Can someone explain in more detail what this “LinkBack” thing is? I might well find it very handy.

It is similar in spirit to, say, embedding a spreadsheet in a Word document back in the old days.

In this case, one writes an equation in LaTeX using LaTeXiT, then drags the equation and drops it into OG. The equation is displayed as one would expect, but also includes code so one can open the equation back into LaTeXiT to make edits, after which the equation will be updated in the document.

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LinkBack is explained here.

OmniGroup maintains it here.


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Edit: the bug seems to be associated with embedding PNGs; PDF embeds work.
Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug.
When the linked-back object is edited in LaTeXiT and recompiled, the object in the OG document is rendered blank.
LinkBack bug demo

Does this problem only affect LaTeXiT? What about linking a PNG between OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner?

I only ask as a way to determine whether the bug is in LinkBack or LaTeXiT. I had issues before with LaTeXiT -> LinkBack -> Curio that were resolved after the developer of LaTeXiT updated the embedded LinkBack code in LaTeXiT to the newest version.

Update: I just checked with LaTeXiT and Curio. I have no problems to use the PNG bitmap format. I create an equation, copy+paste to Curio, double click on it to edit, change color, and recompile LaTeXiT. The color updates in the Curio Idea Space.

I might wonder whether OmniGraffle has a bug. Alternatively, perhaps something in the Preference settings to LaTeXiT is funky.