Like a any finance app you need an advanced report section!

I Know there is already the REVEIW option but this is very manual. After a while you need to meet the answer of very basic questions:

  • Were my accomplished repeating tasks integrated well enough: Something tells that my average accomplishments for this task is 3 days for example!
  • This should show me the length from the Deferred and final Due.
  • Keeping my hours: Just manually writing an Estimated hour is not useful unless an option measuring option after each commitment or letting me to add after each accomplishment: I need to improve my rough estimations by comparing real actions with initial estimations! An app like Hours idea can be useful for such feature.
  • At the end of the day I need to know at what level of quality of timing and operation am I on projects rather than manually Review by myself!

I agree about the need for some report function. It should gather common stats and display them graphically and otherwise in a report. I see things like

  • Duration between created & done dates
  • % task by project, context or category
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly % of tasks done