Limitations with OO 4.1.4

Here are some limitations with OO4.14

  • a large OO would start sluggishly
  • no navigation with back button
  • Undo command is not satisfactory since it does not tell what it has undone
  • searching command returns a complicate list
  • you cannot easily see your position (i e where in the hierarchy you are) in a large OO
  • the templates are just a few and I cannot see which template ( or theme) I have applied
  • the formatting with the styles is not easy
  • Help documenation too wordy; no search field either
  • Support is slow, may take weeks or never get response (mail)
  • does not open where I left
  • no partial expansion. Only fully expanded or fully collapsed is possible
    Well… that is enough for now
    I do not know other outliners so I cannot compare, but this one is not to my liking