Link option to link to another row?

Very often I have a problem when I have a definition, which I know I already defined before, but to refresh my memory I have to hit Command+F and search for it.

Is there any option to create a sort of link, which will be linking to another “place” in the same document?


Yes. OmniOutliner Pro can create links to rows in your document.

Use Edit > Copy as Link to copy a link to the current row. You can paste that row anywhere (within the same document, in another document, or even another app like OmniFocus or Evernote), and clicking it will select that row. The document must already be open in OmniOutliner for the link to work.


Is there any way to “hyperlink” a word

You can’t create a link to a specific word, but once you’ve pasted a link you can edit its text (or right click it and choose Edit Link… for more comprehensive options).

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