Links in PDF export still don't work

I have an object that I want to jump to a new canvas and while it works within OmniGraffle, the PDF export is not able to do that. The resulting PDF registers the object as a link but clicking on it does absolutely nothing.

Object -> Properties -> Action -> Jump to… -> Switch to a Specific Canvas -> Canvas: “Page #2”.

File -> Export -> PDF

  • Export area: Entire Document
  • [x] Include non-printing layers
  • Paging: Mutli-Page

I just updated to 7.3.1 (v177.6 r286920) and it still doesn’t work.

Sad day…

I just ran into this problem and came up with a workaround. The URLs I needed to link in an exported PDF contained a # in the URL and the PDF export was changing that to the equivalent ASCII encoding reference of %23. Don’t see any way to fix that, so I tried to get around it by using a link shortener. I ended up going with Bitly and that worked.

Pretty annoying, but gets the job done.