Links to Actions in a Perspective

I know that I can get a weblink to an Action, but is it possible to get a link to the Action in a particular perspective?

I want to be able to click the link on a meeting agenda (in Agenda) and be taken to the relevant Action in a specific perspective. By default, Omnifocus seems to link to the Tags perspective, and it takes some scrolling to find the linked Action.

Is it possible to generate weblink from OF that are perspective specific?


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Unfortunately, it is not possible to generate a link to a task that is Perspective specific.

When an OmniFocus link (Example: omnifocus:///task/abc123xyz456) is clicked, OmniFocus will attempt to display that task in the Project perspective.

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Thanks for the information. This is a shame, in terms of being able to link to a task in a perspective from, for example, a meeting agenda with the same focus as the perspective. It doesn’t support a smooth workflow.
By the way, I have noticed that if I have OF open on any other perspective that Projects, then any task link from outside OF will switch to the Tags view. Only if I have OF open in the Projects view will an external task link be shown in the Projects perspective. It would be good if the behaviour was consistent and all external OF task links would open in the Projects perspective.

Anyway, hopefully the design of the ‘task link’ feature will get some attention from Omni in the future.

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