Links to Perspectives don't seem to work

I have a number of links (e.g. in the notes field of a task) to existing perspectives, such as omnifocus:///perspective/Inbox. Clicking on those links does nothing (visible). Does anyone have the same issue and/or a hint how to enable those links?


This seems to work for me. I have a link to a Due perspective (omnifocus:///perspective/Due ) inside of a repeating task. My initial problem was that the current OF2 doesn’t include a Due perspective. Oddly, in this state, when I clicked on the link while OF1 was also open, it took me to the Due perspective in OF1.

When I created a Due perspective in OF2, clicking on my link now takes me to that perspective. In OF2.

Thanks dougguitar; can’t make it work; will wait for an updated version of the beta and try it again.

I’m having the same problem linking to an action in my “Due” Perspective. omnifocus:///task/gmVMCg6GFYg doesn’t seem to land anywhere consistent and certainly not on the Action I expected.

After some experiments it appears that I can’t make these links work no mater where I create them (using “Copy As Link”).

I found the reason why this does not work for me; the text in the notes field shows omnifocus:///perspective/Inbox, but when I edit the link via right-mouse-click -> Edit Link I see that the URL for the link is different. In my case omnifocus:///perspective/Eingang (Eingang is the German word for Inbox and I used the German version of OF1).

Strangely, when I edit the link, it works once (the Inbox appears) but then the link itself is changed back to …/Eingang.

I will report this as a bug.

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Looks like the issue only happens if you edit the URL without editing the Display Title—so it’s definitely a bug, but one with an easy workaround: when you edit the URL, be sure to also edit the Display Title so the edit gets saved.

I have noticed this behavior myself as well. Not always reproducible, but many times it seems to forget you editing a link. I will try to see if I can get a consistent reproduction.