List of things do today

How do I find out all the things I need to get done today?

I don’t see a “Today” view anymore.

In the Forecast perspective you can click on “Today” to see all tasks due today. (I’m looking at the iOS app, I assume the Mac app works in the same way)

If you have the ‘Pro’ version you can create a specially tailored solution to suit your own preferences. I strongly advise it. Working out of ‘Today’ Perspective is the ideal way to focus a list of ‘do-able’ tasks in OF! I attach my perspective in case it helps. I should point out I further focus my Today list with setting the ‘Due Soon Means…Today’ in the settings.

Here’s another example of a Today perspective that I included in the Custom Perspectives directory on Learn OmniFocus:

Custom perspectives require the Pro edition of OmniFocus.

I hope this helps.


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