Listening for user actions in scripts

The new automation in OmniOutliner 5.2 for Mac is very good, but it lacks methods for listening to user actions. This would enable the scripts to be run after user changes data or style and would open whole new opportunities.

In the Looking Back, Looking Ahead—2017 Edition blog post, there were these examples:

In OmniOutliner, you could make a handler script which automatically adds the values from two columns to produce a third column. Or which turns a row red when its balance column goes negative. Or even a mortgage calculator.

This probably means what I’m asking for, so this is probably only a matter of time and will be added in later releases. Am I correct in assuming that?

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I second this question.

It would be a game-changer to be able to trigger a script when certain changes are made to certain parts of the script.

For starters, I’d settle for being able to register to be called whenever there’s a modification to a particular column. Bonus points if I’m told which items have been added/removed/modified.

I realize that’s not fine-enough control for every use-case, and there’s performance concerns, but it would be a start for light-touch re-totaling of numeric columns, and such.

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